Alexandre Desilets

Photo: Laurence Labat

With his unique and singular voice, Alexandre Désilets uses it both as an instrument and a creative engine. He has turned to music to infuse beauty into some of life’s darkest corners. Sorrow transformed into a quirky celebration, his songs move and blend seamlessly with a hint of pop that is at times whispered, at times roared—always touching the heart and never without leaving a mark.

Over time and in the course of his creative work, the singer-songwriter has broadened his disciplines to include bodily movement (Danse Lhasa danse, PPS Danse, Cas Public), hence embracing his status as an artist of the mind, body and heart. He has released three consecutive albums in recent years (Escalader l’ivresse [2008], La garde [2010], and Fancy Ghetto [2014]), each an increasing reflection of his vibrant talent with a signature that is both lively and refined.

His career is peppered with awards and honours including the Festival de la chanson de Granby, GAMIQ, ADISQ, Prix Félix-Leclerc, and more. For over a decade now, Désilets is unprecedented, taking over the stage with verve and remarkable sensitivity, an artist at the pinnacle of his art form.

With Windigo we find him in perfect harmony with his creative work, moulding his art around the creature it evokes—mythology brought to life. To unearth this sweeping orchestral album, he has surrounded himself with some of the greatest talent in the contemporary scene and has harnessed his creative powers like never before.

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© 2014 - Alexandre Désilets - Tous droits réservés


© 2014 - Alexandre Désilets - Tous droits réservés